glucose phosphate

glucose phosphate
: a phosphoric derivative of glucose: as
a. : an acylal C6H11O5(OPO3H2) that reacts in the presence of phosphorylase with aldoses and ketoses to yield disaccharides (as with fructose yielding sucrose and phosphoric acid) or with itself in liver and muscle to yield glycogen and phosphoric acid; glucose 1-phosphate — called also Cori ester
b. : an ester C6H11O5(OPO3H2) formed from glucose and adenosine triphosphate in the presence of hexokinase and regarded as the essential first stage in the metabolism of glucose, subsequent changes being its enzymatic transformations into the corresponding fructose phosphate, glucose phosphate (sense a), and related compounds; glucose 6-phosphate — called also Robison ester

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